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Our Strategic direction

Responsible Quality is our program of Corporate Social Responsibility whose aim, since 2011, has been to convey our concept of Quality to all our stakeholders. This vision is pursued responsibly across the entire supply chain, from catch to consumer, in respect of the environment and people.

In 2017, we made sustainability one of our most important strategic drivers. For this reason, we have updated our goals and our plan of action for the next five years. We have established unequivocal objectives, identified the strategies to achieve them and defined the measures to monitor them.

The aim of all of this was to achieve our goal of being ‘the most sustainable and responsible tuna company in the world’ thanks to our commitment to the four areas that constitute the pillars of our sustainability strategy: FISHING, PRODUCTION, PEOPLE AND NUTRITION.

To adopt and promote sustainable fishing

  • Protect and improve the health of the oceans and fish stocks
  • Guarantee traceability from boat to plate
  • Promote a positive transformation of the market through public commitment, best practices and partnerships

To produce in low environmental impact plants

  • Reduce the carbon and water footprint of our factories
  • Maximize waste recovery
  • Reduce the ecological footprint of our packaging
  • Reduce the ecological footprint across the supply chain

To manufacture premium-quality products for a varied, balanced diet

  • Offer products that meet the highest standards of quality and nutrition
  • Promote a sustainable lifestyle

To develop our employees’ wellbeing and to generate positive social impacts across the supply chain

  • Promote a ‘Zero Accident’ culture in the workplace
  • Promote equal opportunity
  • Improve employee satisfaction in the workplace
Supply chain and local communities
  • Protect human rights across the supply chain
  • Create shared value for the fishing communities from which we source our raw materials
  • Promote corporate citizenship in the communities in which we produce our products

Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a list of 17 international goals drawn up by the United Nations in September 2015. These goals cover all the main areas of intervention concerning global sustainable development, including protection of the planet and the fight against hunger and poverty.

Since their publication, our sustainability strategy has considered them as a reference point to determine the priorities and areas of intervention for each of the 5 pillars on which our corporate social responsibility approach is based (fishing, production, people, nutrition). In particular, we commit every day to act for achieving 8 out of the 17 objectives elaborated by the United Nations.



Goal 14 - Life below water


Goal 6 - Clean water and sanitation

Goal 7 - Affordable and clean energy

Goal 12 - Responsible consumption and production


Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth

Goal 2 - Zero hunger


Goal 3 - Health and wellbeing


Goal 17 - Partnerships for the goals