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Goals - People

Promote zero accident
  • Reduce the injury severity index;
  • Reduce the injury frequency index.
Promote equal opportunity
  • Reduce the gender gap in management positions.

Improve employee satisfaction in the workplace
  • Increase the number of employees covered by the company welfare system;
  • Increase the level of employee satisfaction and involvement.
Supply chain and local communities
Protecting human rights across the entire supply chain
  • Complete the internal assessment of compliance with the Bolton Group Code of Ethics and Human Rights Policy by our suppliers;
  • Develop an annual audit plan addressed to our suppliers on human rights issues;
  • Adopt the Seafood Taskforce Social Standards as soon as they are finalized and available.
Create shared value for the fishing communities from which we make our procurements
  • Implementation and support of socio-economic development projects.

Promote corporate citizenship in the communities where our goods are produced
  • Investing adequate resources to finance projects for the benefit of the local community where we operate.